Bitter Melon Farms



We believe that better farming practices lead to better produce. When something is grown close to home with love and care, it simply tastes better.



Let's face it, that tomato on the shelf of your mega-grocery ain't so fresh (and it shows!), who knows where it's been or how it's been grown. Accountability, tracibility, and food safety are the pillars of our Farm.



We all thrive when we work together. . Your support is what drives our farm forward, and we are committed to growing your garden not just for your health's sake- but for our planet. 



Before fancy "Organic" label certifications folks used to grow things simply- in harmony with the land and its occupants. A label means nothing if you grow against nature.



Growing good food means being good stewards of the land- it's what we get out of bed for. Because when you take care of the land it takes care of you.



There's a reason home-grown strawberries taste superior to what you find at the supermarket. We're confident you'll taste the difference too- your tastebuds may write you a love letter.


Our resident Plant Wizard and Supportive Partner. If there's a structure on the farm, his hands have built it. We're not saying you should buy him a beer and pizza but you definitely should. 

Our Beloved Border Collie named Riley is the best flock handler anyone could ask for. Make sure to give him extra pets when you see him out and about.

The magic behind our delicious farm fresh eggs! Behold their deep orange yolks, knowing the 100% Organic Soy-Free, Non-GMO feed they receieve (along with table scraps) adds exactly what they need in ther diet- and nothing else!

A trained Master Naturalist and Gardening Enthusiast with a decade of focus on food systems, and plant and soil sciences. Give her a high-five next time you see her at the market.

JD Riley- Faithful Farm Helper

Natasha Henley - Owner and Operator

Will Varney-  Head of Hen Managment

The Girls

Our team