Bitter Melon Farms








Home Sown, Home Grown-

Why it Matters.


Before you even meet them, our fresh garden gems are already bursting with homegrown goodness. You know it's locally grown deep in the soil with love and attention because the taste is familiar. Like a big hug from way back home. Pat yourself on the back, you just supported your Local Farmer.

What we Grow


We are committed to growing food like our great-grandparents did- simply and wholsomely. This means we practice "no-dig" farming, pollinator habitats, and absolutely no chemical pesticides, insecticides, fungicides or anything else that would keep Grandpa up at night. 

Not just local, but grown with love.


Whether you choose our fresh-cut flowers and garden produce or a tantalizing new spice mix, we sincerely thank you for your support. Farmers are faced with many tough challenges but the support of our community drives all of us to continue growing. From our Family to yours, Happy Harvest!

- Natasha

Owner and Operator

Did You Know...?


We also provide consultation and select labor services. Whether you are looking for advice on plants and gardening, homesteading, chickens, or are interested in a farm tour please contact us at the form below: